The Top 6 Assisted Opening Knives

What are the top 6 assisted opening knives? Of course, everyone will have an opinion on which knives are the best of the best. For me, I tried to consider price, quality, and style while I was choosing which were the best. I have a personal bias toward black bladed knives (I just think they look cool, ok?) so most of the time here I have included the black blade versions of knives even when other options are available for those that prefer them.

#6 Kershaw Clash 1605CKT

This knife will moset definitely not clash with your every day carry use.

Despite its low price, the Kershaw Clash definitely gets the job done. Do not underestimate the quality and durability of this knife. The knife opens with a firm push of the flipper you will not hesitate to tackle any task with Clash. The handle gives a comfortable feel while gripping the handle firmly. There are no hot spots in the handle that will wear down your hands over time. The liner lock strongly secures the blade in place; and when retracting the flipper even guards a stray finger when closing one handed.

#5 Meyerco Maxx-Q G-10 Handle

My favorite knife to pack for the quick campout.

I love the feel and style of this blade. Next to the cost, I would say the next thing that catches my attention is the recurve on the mid-section of the blade. That allows a quicker cut with a little less force than most other knives. The handle compared to the blade may look a little longer than it should, but that with the G-10 construction allows for a solid grip in any position.

#4 SOG Trident Tanto TF-7

This is definitely my go to knife to carry for emergency purposes.

You’ve just been in an accident. You car has rolled and you are hanging in the driver seat, unable to release your seatbelt. No worries because you can just reach for your SOG Trident. Without the need to expose the full blade and risk further injury, just slip that strap into the groove in the handle and slit your way free from harm. With tough steel and a light handle it performs great, and will last far beyond the emergency period.

#3 H&K Nitrous Blitz 14460BT 

With Benchmade manufacturing H&K knives you have the quality assurance and production expected from a high performance knife.

If you are willing to spend a little bit more buck for your bang, this is definitely one of the top knives. For simplicity of what a pocket knife should be, this knife hits the nail on the head. The handle has a great lightweight, and comfortable grip. The Benchmade Nitrous spring mechanism works great. It springs open by flipping at the thumb stubs which is comfortable and easy.

#2 Zero Tolerance 0350 Zdp-189

I cannot imagine a job that this knife would not be able to handle.

Now we’re getting into the big boys. The best part of this knife is the extra work that was put into producing a long lasting blade. The blade is a ZDP-189 steel composite, with textured matte black G-10 scales. I find that this knife is the limit of what I would consider an every day carry in my pocket for size and weight.

#1 Zero Tolerance Knives 0300 Strider Onion

The blade has a great shape to handle any position and a nice ergonomic design.

You know why it’s called an “onion?” Because it’ll make you cry. The fat lady has sung. I love the black on black look and feel of this knife. The frame lock allows for a solid lock up and I would not hesitate to really take this knife to its extremes. The flipper on this blade has the best feel and response, and the blade stop/thumb stud is a great option as well.


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  1. You have a Very List of Knives, However I feel that the SOG Twitch XL and the Twitch 11 and the Kershaw Leek should be added to your list.

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