Ontario RAT

The Ontario RAT Model 1 is seriously an amazing knife. First and foremost, you can really great quality for an even better price with the RAT 1. No one wants to overpay for anything, and you get an amazing deal when you get the RAT 1. The index finger groove gives you added control and security when you’re using the knife, so it’s really nice to … Continue reading

Kershaw Funxion Lightweight Spring Assisted Knife

If you’re in tune with the knife world, then you know Blade Show just happened in Atlanta. There were quite a few new knives introduced for 2014 including the Kershaw Funxion: The Funxion is a pretty unique knife. The butt of the handle folds out like this: At the bottom of the handle is a locking carabiner clip and a belt/cord cutter with a hex … Continue reading

CRKT Endorser Spring Assisted Folding Knife

With BLADE Show just around the corner, it seemed appropriate to revisit the knife that won “Best Buy of the Year” at BLADE Show in 2013. The CRKT Endorser won the title last year, and it’s a pretty sweet blade. The Endorser is a folding knife that totals 7.31 inches in length and has a 3.18-inch 8Cr14MoV blade. The blade can be deployed with thumb … Continue reading

Kershaw Ember

Kershaw is releasing a new knife this year called the Ember. It’s very similar to the Kershaw Cryo, but it’s a bit smaller. The Cryo has a 2.75-inch blade and totals 6.5 inches in length while the Ember has a 2-inch blade and totals 4.8 inches in length. The Cryo is a great bang for your buck; it has a quality design, top-notch materials, excellent … Continue reading

CRKT Steigerwalt Incendor

Continuing with the trend, here’s another new knife for 2014—the Steigerwalt Incendor :   As is hinted to in its name, the Incendor is designed by Ken Steigerwalt. Ken has been interested in knife making since age 15, when he made his first knife. For more than 30 years now, Ken has been a full-time knife maker, and many know him for the seashell patterns … Continue reading

New Spring Assists from SHOT Show 2014

Blade HQ just got back from SHOT Show, and let me tell you, there is tons of new, awesome stuff coming out in 2014. For those who don’t know, SHOT Show is an event that happens every January where manufacturers (primarily gun, ammo, etc., but also knife manufacturers) go to introduce new product for the year. There were a ton of new spring assisted knives … Continue reading

Assisted Opening Knives

First off, welcome to AssistedOpeningKnives.com! We’re glad you found us and we hope we can provide some helpful information for you about assisted knives. We’re big fans and we’ll post about what’s cool & new, what’s hot and what’s not. We’re not going to pretend that we don’t have an agenda (we do- we operate several online stores), but we are committed to spring assisted knives. That should be obvious!

We recommend you take a look at out “About Assisted Knives” page. It contains information on the following topics:

  • What is an assisted opening knife?
  • How do assisted knives work?
  • Who makes assisted opening knives?
  • How much to they cost?
  • Are assisted knives the same as switchblades?
  • Are there legality issues with assisted knives?
  • Where can I find assisted knives for sale?

Other than that bookmark us, sit back and wait for the assisted knife goodness to flow. We’ll probably update AssistedOpeningKnives.com at least once each week, depending on knives products, industry news and so fourth. If there are specific questions you have or information you’re looking for please feel free to leave us a comment! Thanks for visiting.