New: Kershaw Scrambler BlackWash

The Kershaw Scrambler was introduced at Blade Show in 2013, but this year it’s coming out with a sweet BlackWash-finished blade and handle. The Scrambler is spring assisted, and it features Kershaw’s SpeedSafe opening system that’s really quick. The blade is made of 8Cr13MoV steel, which has a hardness of 58-59 and is also quite resistant to corrosion. The flat-ground top swedge gives the drop … Continue reading

CRKT Steigerwalt Incendor

Continuing with the trend, here’s another new knife for 2014—the Steigerwalt Incendor :   As is hinted to in its name, the Incendor is designed by Ken Steigerwalt. Ken has been interested in knife making since age 15, when he made his first knife. For more than 30 years now, Ken has been a full-time knife maker, and many know him for the seashell patterns … Continue reading

New Spring Assists from SHOT Show 2014

Blade HQ just got back from SHOT Show, and let me tell you, there is tons of new, awesome stuff coming out in 2014. For those who don’t know, SHOT Show is an event that happens every January where manufacturers (primarily gun, ammo, etc., but also knife manufacturers) go to introduce new product for the year. There were a ton of new spring assisted knives … Continue reading

Knives: Manual vs. Assisted vs. Automatic

You might know what the differences are between a manual, spring assisted, and automatic knife, but do you know what the benefits and drawbacks are for each knife type? I sure didn’t before I started working at Blade HQ, so I figured some of you might not, either. Here’s a look at the differences between these three different kinds of knives.   Automatic Knives Automatic knives are really … Continue reading

Kershaw Whirlwind

If you are doing any online gift-shopping this holiday season, you’ve still got time, but you’ll want to get a move on pretty soon here to make sure your gifts arrive on time. I did a post on some of our most popular spring-assisted knives a month or two ago, and all of those knives would make excellent gifts. We also just got this new Kershaw … Continue reading

Kershaw Thermite

The Kershaw Thermite is a pretty stellar blade, and I’m a little surprised we haven’t talked about it at all on the blog yet. The Thermite has been around with a stonewashed blade for a while, but we just got the Thermite with the black blade within the last month or so. Take a look: The Thermite was designed by Rick Hinderer, and it is … Continue reading

New!: SOG Twitch

                  We just got a couple of new spring assisted knives in at Blade HQ—the SOG Twitch I and II. These are some pretty awesome knives and they are limited in number, so if you’re thinking about getting one at all, do it soon before they’re all gone, because they’re already going fast. These knives both feature … Continue reading

New! Kershaw Freefall

Look what just came in at Blade HQ! The Kershaw Freefall was introduced to the public at the beginning of 2013, and it’s finally ready for purchase. I have to say, the Freefall is pretty cool. This year, Kershaw introduced K-Texture, which you can see on the Freefall’s handle. It’s just what it sounds like—a pattern made by repeating the letter “k.” This texturing provides … Continue reading