How to Care for your Spring Assist Knife

My blade sticks; it doesn’t open as smoothly or as quick as it use to.

My knife is starting to rust; I thought my knife was made out of stainless steel…what a piece of [fill in blank]!

My blade can’t slice through anything anymore; is it time for a new knife?

I just spent $$$ on my knife and I want to keep it nice: what do i do?

Above are possible scenarios on why you are reading this post: You need to know how to take care of knife and to take care of it well. Proper maintenance and care of your knife will lead to many years of good reliable cutting and slicing. Your [enter amount] investment should last you for as long as you take care of your knife. Keep in mind a cheaply made knife will eventually (whether immediately or soon) fall apart if put under rigorous use.

There are five easy steps for proper care and maintenance. How frequently you need to maintain your knife depends on how often and how hard you use your knife. Follow these steps regularly  and you will enjoy using your knife for a long time.

1. Keep your knife dry.

  • The blade (especially the edge) and metal parts of the knife can rust if exposed to .

2. Keep the pivot lubricated with a dry lubricant. Tuff Glide is a common dry lubricant used by knife manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

    • With the knife closed put a drop of dry lubricant on either sides of the pivot.
    • Open the blade, place a thin bead of dry lubricant on both sides of the knife along the pivot.

Work the lubricant into the pivot by opening and closing the knife.

3. Keep your handle lint and dirt free. Use canned air or Remmington’s Rem Oil to blow out the trapped dirt/lint.

4. Keep your blade sharp. A dull knife is a useless knife. A dull knife is also a dangerous knife.  There are many different types of blade sharpeners. I recommend the Spyderco Sharpmaker. It’s easy to use; it can accommodate most knife lengths; and it’s a great value. Below are other knife sharpener options:

5. Tighten the screws on your knife regularly. There are toolkits that specifically for knife screws: The Benchmade Folding Torx & Screwdriver Tool Kit with Knife Sharpener and the Harley Davidson Black Box Knife Service Kit offer the  widest range of tool bits for your knives.

  • Try Vibra-Tite VC-3 to minimize adjustments to your knife.
  • If you don’t want to adjust your knife, you can buy Vibra-Tite Permanent Strength Threadlocker Gel or use a bit of nail polish to permenantly secure the screws in place. (Unscrew the screw, dab some nail polish on the threads near the tip of the screw, screw it back in and let dry.)