Who needs an Assisted Knife?


Spring assisted knives are commonly overlooked! Do you live in an area where automatic knives are illegal? A spring assist is a very good substitute. Are you looking for a knife with a bit more speed and snap to it than a manual folder? Get a spring assisted knife. Now you might find yourself asking, “Why get a glorified folding knife?” Spring assists aren’t a typical manual folder. They have the speed that draws most people to an automatic knife. My favorite thing about a spring assisted knife is that if the spring ever fails or breaks, you still have a thumb stud or a flipper to use it as a manual folder. Spring assisted knives have proven themselves to be very reliable in the ever-changing world of knives.

Some other great features of having a spring assisted knife is that it can be operated with only one hand. Owning one means that you can easily use it when participating in activities that require the constant attention of one of your hands. For those who suffer from arthritis or weak fingers, a spring assisted knife is far easier to open than an automatic knife with a stiff button. 


Today we are going to look at some top of the line spring assisted knives. We will be starting with some great budget assisted knives and work our way up in price.


The Kershaw Oso Sweet 1830:

 Kershaw Oso Sweet Spring Assisted Knife 1830 Open      Kershaw Oso Sweet Spring Assisted Knife 1830 Closed


This was my first spring assisted knife. I couldn’t have been more happy with the quality of this knife. Not only did it feel amazing in my hand, but the speed of the knife was amazing. It features SpeedSafe technology for smooth and quick opening. Kershaw uses this on many of their best-selling knives. The pocket clip can be switched for tip up or tip down carrying. The flipper is really easy and fun to use. You won’t even notice the knife while it is in your pocket. I didn’t understand the name until I held the knife; and it is literally oh so sweet. This knife is a sportsman’s knife. It is great for activities like fishing, hunting and great to take on a hike with you. If this knife doesn’t satisfy you, I don’t know what will.


The Smith & Wesson Black Ops:

Smith & Wesson Black Ops SWBLOP4BS Spring Assisted Knife (3.35" Black Serr)      Smith & Wesson Black Ops SWBLOP4BS Spring Assisted Knife (3.35" Black Serr)


This is the series 4 of the Black Ops and is a part of Smith & Wesson’s M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening knives line. The action on this knife is quick and solid. For a liner lock knife, this knife locks up secure. The pocket clip can be reversed to be a left or right handed carry. There is very comfortable jimping all over this knife. It comes with a safety and a strategically placed lanyard hole. This knife is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The Black Ops is a great every day carry (EDC) knife. It fits well in your pocket and quickly proves its usefulness in day-to-day jobs. It is perfect for someone who doesn’t have the use of one of their hands or who has arthritis.


Moving forward, let’s take a look at something with a few more features.

The Benchmade 580 Barrage:

Benchmade Mini Barrage Knife 580 Spring Assist Open      Benchmade Mini Barrage Knife 580 Spring Assist Closed

I haven’t yet had the pleasure of owning this knife, but I have held and “played” with it several times. It is a very strong and durable knife with a very satisfying spring. You can either open the knife with the thumb stud or by pulling the axis lock down and flicking your wrist. If a safety is a must for you, then that makes this knife even more desirable. It comes with a very solid safety on the spine of the knife. Another nice feature of this knife is the reversible pocket clip. The blade is 154CM stainless steel. However there are several different models of the Barrage. The Barrage is perfect for a hard use knife. Not only that, it is really good for self-defense purposes. This knife wants to be put to work and will more than meet your requirements.

Last but not least…

The Zero Tolerance 0301/0301ST Strider Onion Knife:

Zero Tolerance 0301 Strider Onion Knife Ranger Green (3.75" Tiger Stripe) ZT     Zero Tolerance 0301 Strider Onion Knife Ranger Green (3.75" Tiger Stripe) ZT

Now if you want a high quality hard use knife that looks good, look no further! The ZT 0301 is an amazing knife that will never fail on you. It is co-designed by KAI’s Ken Onion and Strider. They did a really good job on making a very durable knife. The blade is DLC coated so it doesn’t scratch too easy. If it does, some Rem Oil or dish soap will buff it right out (unless it’s a deep scratch). The frame lock ensures a solid lock up with no blade play. This knife was designed to be adjusted with minimal tools. It’s lightweight for the size and considering the materials that are put into this knife. This knife is a good choice for just about any job you can think of. It is definitely on my wish list!

If you have any spring assisted knives that you would like to show off or express your feelings about, feel free to comment on the post.


The Thumb Stud Versus The Flipper

There are many different styles of knives in the world. Major or subtle differences can range from size of knife to type of blade to difference in the blade release to color and weight. Today we will be focusing on the blade release aspect of a knife; and more specifically the difference between the thumb stud and flipper. Keep in mind there are many variations of blade releases: The thumb hole, thumb tab/lug, nail nick, push button and dual action (which have a hidden scale/bolster release) to name a few.

The Thumb Stud

The thumb stud makes for an easy and quite common operation used to open up a folding or spring assisted knife. The thumb stud sits on the side of the blade near were the blade pivots on the handle. It makes for a comfortable way to use one hand to open the knife. One thing to consider is how close this puts your hand to the blade itself. A cautionary warning: There are many accounts of people actually cutting themselves while opening blade. Your thumb might slip and get sliced.

Benchmade Mini Barrage Knife 585S Spring Assist Axis Lock (2.91" Satin Serr)

Benchmade Mini Barrage Knife 585S

If you would like see how to open a knife with a thumb stud, watch below.

Courtesy of BladeHQ.com

The Flipper

Flipper knives offer another way to smoothly open both spring assisted and manual folding knives. The flipper is normally located on the spine of the knife as part of the blade. The blade is deployed by using the index finger to pull back on it. This not only keeps your hands at a safe distance from the blade but gives you an added finger guard once opened. The flipper in most cases will actually swing around and end up underneath the knife continuing to offer protection from accidental knife injuries. If you are concerned the safety of your thumb, a flipper knife will be more to your liking.

Smith & Wesson Black Ops SWBLOP4BS Spring Assisted Knife (3.35" Black Serr)

Smith & Wesson Black Ops SWBLOP4BS

If you would like see how to open a knife with a flipper, watch below.

Courtesy of BladeHQ.com

Both types deploy the blade with relative ease. When it comes down to getting a knife with a thumb stud or a flipper, it is all about preference and intended use.